Introduction of Karture

Before starting to write for this blog, I first would like to explain the purpose. From a very young age, I’ve followed a lot of (car) builds on the internet.

I love to read about people’s builds and explore the way they think, because it leaves me with a lot of inspiration. As I believe people can discuss and learn from each other’s projects, I got triggered to start my own blog and share my builds as well. The blog will mostly be about cars but this can vary in the future.

Who am I?

I’m Jules, 30 years old and I am working as an Automotive Engineer in The Netherlands, who has helped to build up fast sports cars from the ground, for example at Donkervoort and Vencer.

I’m a big petrolhead who’s especially interested in motor sports. At the end of last year, I passed my club racing license and the dream is to start racing. Because of that, I want to build a lightweight track day car that is affordable with a small budget.

The reason for the small budget is that I want a car that I can modify extremely and not lose a lot of money when I fuck things up. This way, I have the freedom to create, fuck things up and learn a lesson without getting too sad about the lost parts/money.

About my track day car

After debating a lot of cars for around 3000e, I decided to go for the Mx5 NB. I had a mx5 NA in the past and think they are difficult to beat regarding price.

The NB is the more refined version, had a bit more track width, less bump steer and some minor changes on the suspension. The mx5 is standard double wishbone, has only 2 seats and is light. I also wanted an RWD car, with a lot of aftermarket parts available and knowledge.

Above I showed you a picture of its current status, it has only received some Team Dynamics 15 inch wheels and some Federal 595 RS-R semi slicks.

I hope you’ll like my posts.


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